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C. Mahillion Contabass A Anche (Reed Contrabass) AMAZING AND GORGEOUS

$ 12,999.00

Well, I've been doing this for 20 years and I thought I'd seen it all, until this magnificent beast came through my door. This is an amazing Mahillion Contrabass A Anche, or reed contrabass. WOW!

This formidible creature is amazing. The reed contrabass is similar in sound and range to the contrabass sarrusophone, and uses a similar double reed (One double reed is included-I have also had good luck with an Eskimo Skunkworks single reed mouthpiece for sarrusophone which I will also include). Fingering is completely different, however, and similar actually to the ophicleide. Tone is deep and raspy. This particular insturment is in amazing condition. Bocal is original. Original silver plate is well over 95% present and there are only a couple of tiny dings. This incredible instrument has been well cared for thorugh the century-plus of its life. Pads were in excellent condition when it came to us, and have had minor adjustments by Carlo Sbisa to put the horn into tip top shape. Engraving puts this horn's original home at what appears to be a parochial school in Woonsocket, RI. DON'T BE THE ONLY WOODWIND COLLECTOR WITHOUT ONE!

Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free to email with additional questions.

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