Bach Model TB400B Intermediate Tenor Trombone with F-Attachment SN 312027 NICE

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The Bach TB400B is a step up-pro large bore (0.547) symphonic trombone with a gold brass bell, lightweight slide and a standard rotary valve open wrap F attachment. Bach trombones have defined the modern symphonic trombone sound. They have been copied in whole or part by many other makers, from large manufacturers to small specialty makers. The 400 series characteristic sound is dark and resonant with little edge and great carrying power.

Like many of Vincent Bach's designs, it is famous for its ability to slot and for its uniformity of tone throughout its scale and dynamic range. It is especially well suited for orchestral work, where it can disappear into, subtly blend with or completely dominate an ensemble.


  • Gold brass bell material. Gold brass is often thought to make for a warmer sound to the player, with slightly less projection than yellow brass.
  • Lightweight Nickel Outer Slide. Nickel outer tubes are lighter yet much harder than standard brass tubes. The result is a slide that is light in the hand, significantly easier to move, and yet much more durable than a brass slide. Nickel slides are thought by some to produce a slightly lighter, brighter sound.
  • Seamless chrome-plated nickel silver inner slide tubes. The lack of a seam helps make the inner tubes perfectly round—they don't flatten or bulge at the seam. This, together with the polished nickel finish makes the action quick, light and quiet.
  • Rotary Valve. The standard rotary valve is a reliable and airtight device used to shunt airflow into or past the F attachment. Rotor valves are easy to maintain and unless bone dry, will not leak. While rotor valves provide more resistance than advanced free flow designs, many players actually prefer this feedback.
  • Open Wrap F Attachment. An open wrap F attachment provides for a slightly improved airflow through the valve section over a traditionally wrapped model. This allows notes played on the valve to speak more easily and to sound more natural.
  • Nickel silver slide handgrips. Lacquered nickel grips resist corrosion far better than brass grips and also prevent staining of your skin. They are harder than brass and help lower the overall weight of the horn.
  • Tubular nickel silver body braces. Nickel braces are lightweight and tough, reducing weight and increasing body integrity.

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