BG Model A62LBS Bamboo/Silk Universal Care Cloth - Large Size (41 x 45 cm)

$ 9.99

Shipping Cost : $6.00

A/Bb Clarinet,Accessory,Alto Saxophone,Baritone,Baritone Saxophone,Bass Clarinet,Bass Saxophone,Bassoon,Care/Cleaning,Category~Care/Cleaning,Clarinet,Cornet,Flugelhorn,Flute,Flute/Piccolo,French Horn,Instrument Type~Alto Horns,Instrument Type~Alto Trombones,Instrument Type~Baritone Horns,Instrument Type~Bass Trombones,Instrument Type~Bb Trumpets,Instrument Type~C Trumpets,Instrument Type~Cornets,Instrument Type~Double French Horns,Instrument Type~Euphoniums,Instrument Type~Flugelhorns,Instrument Type~Harmony Trumpets,Instrument Type~Marching Brass,Instrument Type~Single French Horns,Instrument Type~Sousaphones,Instrument Type~Tenor Horns,Instrument Type~Tenor Trombones,Instrument Type~Triple French Horns,Instrument Type~Tubas,Oboe,Oboe/English Horn,Piccolo,reverbsync-category:Woodwind Accessories,reverbsync-condition:Brand New,reverbsync-make:BG,Sale Eligible,Soprano Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone,Soprano/ Sopranino Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Trumpet,Tuba

How can a cleaning cloth be legendary? Get one and you'll find out. BG's Bamboo and Silk instrument cleaning cloths are gentle on instruments but tough on grime. Terrific for keeping your instrument in top condition. This instrument cloth is perfect for use on any instrument. The durable microfiber fabric wipes dirt and oil away easily, and can be machine washed. 41x45cm.

Brand new in original packaging

We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase, and we offer an unconditional 14 day return policy. If you are unhappy with your instrument for any reason, just return it for a full refund or full credit towards an exchange. Reeds and other consumables are non-returnable once opened.

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