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BG C90E Clarinet Strap: Elasticated Sling Strap with Foam Neck Pad

$ 17.00
  • The new cool strap from BG features a softer foam neck pad, rather than the towelling version of the C20.
  • The BG90 clarinet strap takes some of the weight away from the clarinet. It is ideal for younger players, or adults who suffer from thumb-ache.
  • The neck strap has a foam pad which will absorb perspiration and is comfortable around the neck.
  • It comes with 2 attachments, and will fit all sizes of thumbrest. You can use just the hook if the thumbrest has a ring.
  • BG C90E Elastic will take some of the weight of the instrument, but encourages proper support of the right hand thumb

Brand new in original packaging.

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