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Buffet RC Prestige Professional Clarinet in Key of A SN 485146

$ 3,299.00

This is a GORGEOUS Buffet RC Prestige clarinet in A.

Buffet makes the best clarinets in the world, bar none, and the Prestige represents the very top of Buffet's production. 

This RC Prestige A clarinet is in superb condition. It has clearly been taken very good care of and shows practically no wear and has had practically no play. There are no cracks anywhere (perish the thought!) and the horn is in excellent condition. Keys show very little wear, and the pads and action are excellent. This clarinet is ready to play. Original double case is included. Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free to email us with any additional questions!

We are proud to be an authorized Buffet dealer

Buffet RC Prestige Professional Clarinet in A GORGEOUS


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