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C.G. Conn

C.G. Conn Model 28D 'CONNstellation' French Horn with Screw Bell SN 421303

$ 3,499.00

This is a VERY NICE Elkhart Conn 28D Professional French horn.

You all know the story - Conn made the best brasses in the world, until the company was sold and production was moved from Elkhart Indiana to Abilene Texas. After than quality went down the tubes and the horns made in Elkhart became prized above all others. The 28D French horn is not only one of Conns finest horns, it is also one of the rarest. Having the same basic Kruspe design as the 8D, it features a yellow brass bell for a warmer sound but it speaks just as loudly as any 8D. This particular one is a fine example of an early Elkhart instrument. Condition-wise, this instrument is in very good condition. Not much lacquer remains, and there are minor dings, but my tech is of the opinion that it has had a recent valve rebuild and that they are excellent. This magnificent French horn plays GREAT.

Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free to email with additional questions.

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