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Couesnon EEb Contrabass Sarrusophone SN 28106 FRESH REPAD

$ 9,999.00

This is a FANTASTIC Couesnon EEb contrabass sarrusophone.

In my opinion, the sarrusophone is the best choice for a reed player to play in the contrabass register. Fingering is almost identical to saxophone fingering, the bore is thin enough to allow you to play real phrases, and its a lot less expensive than a contrabass sax or a tubax. This particular sarrusophone is in excellent condition. This horn has just had a complete rebuild by CARLO SBISA and is ready to play. There are no large dents in the instrument, though there are a few dings here and there. Finish is lacquer, possibly original. Includes a modified mouthpiece that is set up for sarrusophone play (takes an alto reed, and actually does quite well, with good volume and intonation) and the original case. Vandoren also currently produces a sarrusophone double reed.

Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free email with any additional questions.

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