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Forestone Bb Clarinet 'Hinoki' Synthetic Reed, Extra Soft-[@]


Forestone Bb Clarinet 'Hinoki' Synthetic Reed, Extra Soft

$ 19.99 $ 28.95

The Forestone reed material is a mixture of synthetic resin and wood fiber, more than 50 percent of which is bamboo. It is tasteless, odorless and non-toxic. The exceptional sound, resilience and flexibility of Forestone reeds is due mainly to this special material. Forestone reeds are made by a proprietary process developed in Japan, resulting in optimally smooth vamps that are uniform and consistent, reed to reed. They are perfectly balanced side to side and front to back.

  • Clarinet reed, French filed cut, XS
  • Special "W-Blast" treatment for a natural feel, more character and dynamic range
  • Lively response for a free sound
  • Resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and dehydration

Brand new in original packaging. 1 reed per package. Please feel free to email with any additional questions!

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