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Fossati MB Model Professional Full Conservatory Oboe MINT CONDITION

$ 5,999.00

Here is a MAGNIFICENT Fossati MB model professional oboe.

Fossati oboes are among the finest oboes being made, and the MB is one of their premium models. The Fossati MB oboe is very direct and responds to the slightest change in your air and inflection. This quality is due to the unique design of the upper joint. The MB will follow you in through all shades and colors of that you ask and require of it. From pianissimo to triple forte (and beyond!) the stability and evenness will surprise and delight you.

This instrument features all the bells and whistles, including left hand F, left and right hand Eb and Ab, 3rd octave key, forked F vent, Bb vent, Articulated B-C#, Gillet key, Philadelphia system, Split right D, Ab-Bb key, D-C# trill key, cork pads, double tenon ring, and platinum plated keys and posts. This oboe has everything you'll ever need.

This particular instrument is in mint condition - it is one of a few that were displayed at oboe product shows and has had very little playing time. Oboe is completely like new and ready to play.

Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free email with any additional questions.

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