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Fox Model IV Professional Bassoon with High D Key SN 13491

$ 2,499.00

This is a VERY NICE Fox Model IV professional bassoon.

Fox is the best American maker of bassoons and oboes, and this is an excellent example of a terrific model IV. The model IV is a terrific polypropylene bassoon. It will never crack like a wood bassoon, and intonation is spot on, owing to the lack of variance in the material. Fox's manufacturing is excellent. Intonation is very good, action is terrific, and these bassoons sound good enough to play in any professional setting. Indeed, this is the bassoon of choice for outdoor performances among America's armed service bands and orchestras. This particular one is in very good condition. It has the high D key. There are no cracks, repaired or otherwise. There isn't a heck of a lot of wear on the keys (see pics) and the instrument looks great. Pads have just been shop adjusted and this bassoon is ready to play.

Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free to email with additional questions.

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