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Ludwig Model Classic Maple with Black Cherry Finish 6.5x14 Snare Drum BRAND NEW

$ 799.00 $ 998.00

Here is a brand new Ludwig Classic Maple 6.5x14 Black Cherry Snare Drum

Ludwig Classic Maple 6.5x14 Snare Drum Black Cherry LS403TX57WM Ludwig's wood snares have remained popular throughout the company's nearly 100-year history, and were the drums that helped establish the fat backbeat and deep grooves of pop and R&B music in the 1970's and 80's. The Classic Maple all-maple shell features the clarity and warmth players have come to expect from maple drums, plus the projection and musicality that has maintained Ludwig's reputation for snare drum innovation and excellence. Available in a wide selection of sounds, sizes and styles, from piccolo, standard and deep models. From lacquer, exotic and wrapped finishes, Ludwig Classic Maple snares are the new Classics of today

This instrument has recently been discontinued by the manufacturer so we are blowing these out at great savings to you!

Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free to email with any additional questions.

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