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William S. Haynes Handmade Flute Closed Holes SN 32994

$ 2,799.00

This is a SUPERB William S. Haynes handmade flute.

The Haynes company has made some of the best flutes ever produced, and really set the standard for what a fine symphony flute should be about. There are two models produced by Haynes - the commercial model, which is a very fine flute, and the handmade model which is a phenomenal instruments. This is a fine example of the handmade model. Each tonehole (see pic) is individually hand-soldered, allowing intonation to be individually corrected and adjusted for each note. The head, body, foot, and keys are all solid silver, of course, and every facet of this instrument is individually hand-adjusted. Functionally, this flute is in very good shape. Pads and action feel good and it plays beautifully as is. This is a closed hole flute, offset G, C foot, and is the ultimate doublers flute or for someone who wants a superb high-end flute but never learned open hole technique. Latches on case are broken, alas. Here's a chance to get a fine handmade flute for less than half of the cost new.

Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free to email with additional questions.

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