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Yamaha John Hagstrom Signature Trumpet Mouthpiece-[@]


Yamaha John Hagstrom Signature Trumpet Mouthpiece

$ 29.99

As a professional player, John Hagstrom (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) understands what makes a great mouthpiece, and he has designed this new one, specifically for professional and advanced trumpet players. While larger rims can cause stamina and endurance issues for trumpet players, the YAC HAGSTROM’s smaller rim creates a more efficient balance between the performer and trumpet. Balanced with the features of a deeper cup and larger back bore, it is the optimal choice to meet the most demanding extremes of professional trumpet playing. The YAC HAGSTROM is the standard mouthpiece on the YTR-9445CHS Orchestral C Trumpet, which Hagstrom also helped design.

  • inner diameter: 16.2 mm
  • smaller rim 
  • deep cup
  • throat: 3.81 mm
  • large backbore 

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