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Yamaha Model YFL-B441II Gold Brass Bass Flute SN Y00002

$ 5,999.00

This is a SUPERB Yamaha YFL-B441II Bass Flute.

Yamaha makes some magnificent flutes, and their basses are some of the best bass flutes available. Here's a chance to get one without mortgaging your house. This flute features solid gold brass construction with solid silver keys and lip plate. Construction and attention to detail are typical of Yamaha's workmanship. This flute is in perfect condition. You'll not find a better bass flute for the money.

  • Key of C
  • Curved head joint
  • Wooden handrest
  • New adjustment screws for enhanced stability
  • Excellent intonation and great response especially in the low register
  • Gold brass makes the flute much lighter and easier to hold while still creating a rich and colorful sound.

Pictures tell the rest of the story! Please feel free to email with additional questions.

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