The Clarinet Deal of a Lifetime

I have spent a lot of time helping family and friends find the perfect instrument within the constraints of their budgets. New musicians, young musicians, adult newbies and returning musicians all need a good or better instrument. On occasion I have even wowed the jaded professional who thought they’d never buy another instrument. I wowed them with a stellar instrument that they thought they could never afford and one which completed their stable of doubles (instruments besides your primary that you are called upon to play).

B18Today I’m writing you about a clarinet deal that might be the best you’ll ever see for your little musician, your friend or you returning to music. But first I want to talk about why making do with an inferior, cheap, poorly working instrument just doesn’t make sense. This is a medium-long article but it just could make the difference between success and failure and in the long run, save you a lot of money.

I don’t recommend renting an instrument after the first year of music. Often, for the price of a year of rental, you could own this instrument. The Buffet B18 below will play better, helping you move through the levels of learning faster and at the same time bring you much joy as you start to make some beautiful music. If you are using an old student model instrument, you might be fighting key work design problems, suspect intonation challenges, and damaged instrument travesties. I lament at the number of musicians who just gave up because their instrument let them down.

Brass & Winds has purchased a limited lot of Buffet B18 Bb soprano clarinets. The B18 clarinet is manufactured with a silver-plated finish and metal body rings, in keeping with the Buffet Crampon clarinet line design. The use of silver instead of nickel is an upgrade usually only found on high priced instruments. This clarinet is remarkably well-balanced and carries its power lightly, with a tone that is very close to that of the wood. As it is made of ABS resin, it is stable and unlike wood is not prone to cracking. It is the kind of instrument that could serve you for your whole life.

Brass & Winds is offering three lines of this instrument for your consideration.

Buffet B18 Bb Soprano Clarinet: $499 includes this new clarinet in either a backpack or standard clarinet case. Compare this to the Buffet B12 selling on sale at $700 and you start to see how much you save with this deal.


DSCF3614   DSCF1125

Buffet B18 Bb Soprano Clarinet & Accessories: $599 ~ This includes an upgraded mouthpiece, Yamaha metronome, Yamaha tuner, and music stand.


Select a Selmer HS or a Giggilotti A or B mouthpiece.

DSCF1128  DSCF1134DSCF1135 DSCF1136 

Buffet B18 rental/repair shop 10 pack: $4000 and includes ten new instruments.


Now is your chance to get a very fine instrument that could help you or your favorite musician move to the next step up the ladder of musical success.