Getting stuck things unstuck!

A major part of being a brass tech is getting "stuck things unstuck."
A tried and true method is heat, oil, and time.
Here is my super cute decorated striker with my acetylene torch + machine oil.
I use this method for many things. From something as small as this very stubborn valve stem, to brass tuning slides that have been stuck for decades!


Hi George,

Thanks for your question. For the safety of your instrument, we prefer not to instruct you on repair other than to recommend you take it to a good tech! Repair skills take time to learn in person, and can’t be taught with a few words online. Pulling stuck parts without the needed skill and equipment can lead to a bigger, more expensive repair down the road. Also, many local shops have had to close during these trying times, so your business will help them be there to take care of your instruments in the future!

Wishing you many years of happy gigs!

Amanda Marquis February 16, 2022

How much heat.. approx what temp or color…
what kind of “oil”
any tapping or similar physical.. means
I ask because I have King 602 cornets and similar vintage instruments that are barely worth a $100 and it’s about $75 to free stuck slides.

George G Pagan February 15, 2022

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