It's a Taragato, Mr Roboto!

Here's something you don't see every day... a metal taragato!

A what, you ask? The taragato is the national woodwind of Hungary and has been described as 'essentially a wooden saxophone' but that does not capture the essence of this instrument.

With a tone quality more raspy than a soprano sax, the taragato easily finds itself the star of European folk music. Normally made of wood, this highly unusual unsigned instrument came into our posession a few months ago and has been rebuilt to perfect playing standards in our shop.

Despite being metal, this instrument retains its Hungarian flair and sounds nothing at all like a traditional saxophone.

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I have a wooden one but can’t seem to play above the upper Bb. It only has a single octave key and I think it should have another similar to a clarinet when you pass through the Bb going up. Thinking about having another with a hole closer to the top.

Mike Bozonie January 12, 2023

I am a Tarogato player in UK. Is the metal Tarogato for sale?

David Nissen February 15, 2021

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