Piccolo Trumpets: Jupiter 1700R vs Schilke P4

Hey, Trumpet Fans!

For those of you who wonder about the playability difference between a four piston piccolo trumpet and a three piston plus rotor, here’s a quick little video demonstrating the bottom range. These are two piccs we currently have in stock, a Jupiter 1700R and a Schilke P4 with a retrofit Yamaha rotor 3rd slide. Both play well and can handle common piccolo literature, but with a four piston you get a few more notes of low range. This can be super helpful when playing literature meant for Bb or C, but is not absolutely necessary for all piccolo literature.

If you’re looking for your first picc or upgrading to something a bit nicer, either of these could be what you’re looking for! Watch our listings or get in touch for more info.

Wishing you happy obbligato!