What's on Brad's Bench? A 39XXX Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone!

This is perhaps the nicest Selmer Super Balanced Tenor we have ever seen.

The Super Balanced is possibly the most sought after of Selmer tenors with very few having been made and those being hunted to extinction. If you are lucky enough to find one, it has usually been re-lacquered, or at best played so much that very little lacquer remains. Not so for this one! The original lacquer is 99% present, with only a few tiny scratches to show that it has ever been played. It came to us with the original pads, but alas, they were shot. So, we put a fresh rebuild with the original tone boosters into this horn and now it is amazing!

It also has its original case, wooden end topper, and bill of sale! 

Let's listen to Jackson Cotugno play it a little bit!