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Keilwerth Toneking 3000 Jazzophone

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Keilwerth Toneking 3000 Jazzophone

Meet my little friend, the Keilwerth Toneking 3000 Jazzophone. We love finding unique and playable vintage music instruments This was our write-up:. “This is an EXTREMELY RARE Keilwerth Toneking 3000 Jazzophone. The jazzophone is a bit of an odd duck-it’s a trumpet but is wrapped like a saxophone. Looks really funky and cool and sounds great, though you can’t use mutes with it. In over 10 years of dealing in vintage instruments I’ve never seen another one of these in person.” In a recent email Gerhard Julius Keilwerth sa7s of this instrument: “Schreiber & Keilwerth redirected your questions about the...

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