Things We Find in Cases: Fabulous Sheet Music!

Hey, Friends!

Check out this awesome stash of sheet music found in a Martin Committee trumpet that came in recently.

We normally find a lot of marching music and beginning band books, but this treasure trove of vintage music was in perfect condition and is something I will actually use in practice and with students. The former owner’s name was on all the materials so we looked him up, and it turns out he was a college music professor who had passed away exactly a year from the day we opened the case. I used some of this music to play test some trumpets, hoping that he would be glad it was being put to good use.

This cool vintage bottle of Holton Electric valve oil was also in the case, and has what looks to be a pipe cleaner as an applicator. It was five cents more for the dropper bottle, so I guess it was a bit of a splurge!

Hope you find some treasures to make you smile,