What’s on Amanda’s Bench? A 1947 Olds Super Trumpet!

Here’s an awesome horn for the trumpet fans out there! Who doesn’t love an Olds? I always love a Super, and this one is no exception.

All this one really needed to get it back in playing condition was a good clean and some new corks and felt. It has a lot of lacquer and hand wear from years of play, but still has been taken care of and shows no significant previous damage. Like any 70-something year old, it’s lived a long life, and though it may need a valve job in its future, it’s playing great right now with Berp#3. It came to us without a case, but I managed to find one that is age appropriate, and now it’s ready for your next gig.

These never hang around here long, so look for it in our listings today!

Wishing you some trumpet joy in your day!