What’s on Amanda’s Bench? A Conn 8D French Horn!

Hey, Brass Friends!

 If any of you saw this beautiful painted case recently, I’ll bet you were wondering about the horn inside!

Someone obviously cared about this one to make the case so pretty, and it shows on the instrument itself. It’s definitely been played, but has also been quite well-cared for throughout its life. Someone clearly took some pride in this instrument and maintained it while they owned it, as there was no calcification in the slides. As you can see by the “before” photo of the rotors, it was definitely in need of a clean, though.

After a good thorough UC clean and flush and some very minor dent work, it’s playing great and ready for its next gig. Serial number puts this one around 2001, and it has many years of life left. Grab this one while you can, as it won’t last long! It’s the perfect upgrade for that advancing student, or any player in need of a great pro horn. Check for it in our listings today!

Wishing you some amazing finds in your future!