What’s on Amanda’s Bench? A Taylor Freddie Jr. Flugelhorn

Here’s something extra cool for you trumpet players! We don’t often get Taylors, but when we do, they sure are extra nice. I’m not sure how many of these even exist, but here is your chance to get one in barely used condition! I have given this one a UC clean and some regular maintenance, but the previous owner took really great care of it.


Though it has been compared to a Flumpet, I would still say it plays more like a compact flugel. It takes a flugel shank mouthpiece, but the bell is small enough to fit on a trumpet peg. For comparison, here it is with my personal Taylor pocket trumpet - as you can see, it is a very compact horn to carry.



Sound is a bit lighter, and would be perfect for lead gigs. This horn would be super fun in a variety of situations, it's easy to play, easy to carry, and a real attention getter. Look for it in our listings today - it won’t last long!

Wishing you some flugel fun,