What’s on Amanda’s Bench? High-End French Horns!

Hey, Brass Fans!

Lately, I’ve worked on a couple of amazing horns that I just had to share, and I hope you’ll love them, too! Both of these models are very rare finds, and both of them are in really excellent, used condition.

First up is a Holton H175 Merker-Matic. I’m not sure of the age of this particular horn, but I’d guess maybe it’s from the 80s-90s. Its previous owner cared for it very well, and though it does show a few scratches and general signs of use, it’s in great shape and plays beautifully. All it needed was a good clean, new strings and stops, and some very minor bell dents removed. Compression is great, and it has many years of play left. This model has been discontinued, so if you’ve been looking for one, here’s your chance!

Next up is an Alexander 103 in gold brass, and it’s definitely the nicest Alex we’ve had in stock since I have worked here. All it needed was a good clean and a couple of very small dents removed, now it plays like a dream! This, too, was very well-maintained by its previous owner, and feels very lightly used. Grab it today, it won’t last long!


Since I am a trumpeter, any French horns that actually make ME sound like a hornist get a smiley face on the tag, and both of these have earned that mark!


Look for them in our listings or contact us to inquire.

Wishing you the horn of your dreams!