What’s on My Bench? A Pair of Beautiful Conn 80A Cornets!

Welcome back to my home bench, where I have a couple of vintage beauties waiting for you! These Conn 80A cornets are a lot of fun - great players, and can go from a super dark and velvety sound to bright and trumpet-like depending on your choice of mouthpiece. The two pictured here are from 1947 and 1921. The 1921 model is convertible to A, with slide markings to pull to for tuning. Conn cornets built before 1950 work best with short shank cornet mouthpieces, though a long shank actually doesn’t fit too badly or change intonation much, surprisingly!

Both of these guys are great players and currently up in our listings - check them out! They are still very playable in modern ensembles, and a whole lot of fun in a combo or jam session. I still have at least one more in the pile, so watch for more soon!

Wishing you some fun cornetting in your future!
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