What’s on My Bench? 2019 NAMM Show Fun!

I promised an update about our visit to the NAMM show, and here it is!  It’s always exciting to see all the brand new gear at the show - everything from instruments and accessories to apps and software. If you ever thought you might need it, you’ll find it there!

We met with our brand reps to see what kind of new gear we could get this year, and there are two trumpets that I’m very excited about!  We will be getting the newly designed Bach 190 C trumpet, which was a real joy to play. That beautiful core sound of a Bach, but much more even intonation up and down the scale. It used to be that you had to sacrifice some intonation for a really great sound on a C trumpet, but not with this new model. You’re going to love it - I sure did!

The other exciting new trumpet we’ll be getting is this beautiful Yamaha Xeno anniversary model. It also was just as wonderful to play as it is to look at! We’ll only have one of these, so grab it while you can! I wanted to take video of both of these trumpets, but NAMM is loud, so you’ll have to wait for demo videos when we get them in.

One of the super cool things about the show are all the beautiful and unusual instruments you don’t get to see anywhere else! I hope you enjoy all these photos, but these are all just for fun and will not be available for purchase from our business.


And here's Jenny, myself and Angela on guitar at NAMM. So much fun!

Wishing you fabulous weekend gigs!!