What's on Carlo's Bench? A 5 Digit Selmer Mark VI Tenor.

Just finished a massive overhaul on this gorgeous 5 digit Selmer MKVI. As you can see from the pictures, it was in pretty dire condition; I think it may have literally been a “barn find” due to the layer of soil inside the body, the feathers, the bug nests, and the dried leaves stuck to the posts.

Some of the work done to this instrument includes a thorough cleaning (inside and out), all new springs, new pads/corks, dent work, tone hole leveling, and a new rod for the right hand stack to better fit the keys. Unfortunately it didn’t have the original neck or G key when it came to us, but luckily we were able to find replacements. Really happy with how it came out; it plays beautifully, and is ready to go to a good home.

Here's Jackson Cotugno playing it-