What's on My Bench? 3 MLP LA Benge Trumpet

Our horns come from all over, so most of the time I don’t know much about their history. This horn is different, though, as I gig with its previous owner quite regularly! I recently helped him with the purchase of a new Jupiter XO 1600i Ingram model, and he decided he didn’t need to keep this one.

Here we have a 3 MLP LA Benge, serial dates it to 1980-81. It doesn’t show a lot of wear for a horn of this age - though it’s been played a lot, it has also been well cared for. All it needed to be ready to go was a clean and polish!

This horn has done a lot of gigs, and is ready to do a lot more with you! Look for it in our listings soon.

Wishing you fun gigs with good friends!