Fortissimo Model AN.02 Silver Plated Small Ligature Set for Clarinet/Saxophone

$ 19.99

Category~Mouthpiece Accessories,Instrument Type~A/Bb Clarinets,Instrument Type~Alto Saxophones,Instrument Type~Eb Clarinets,Instrument Type~Soprano/Sopranino Saxophones,reverbsync-condition:Brand New,reverbsync-make:Fortissimo,Sale Eligible

Fortissimo AN.02 Silver Plated Small Ligature Set, brnd new as pictured. Fits clarinet, alto saxophone or metal saxophone mouthpieces. Innovative design allows a new way to secure the reed inside saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces replacing the conventional ligature system.

Characteristics and features

This ligature frees the reed without forcing it. The fact that the ring touches neither the mouthpiece nor the reed means vibration loss is cut and greater sound projection achieved, allowing for subtler control and effects such as Slap, Subtone and Flat. The system affords quick reed-support changes to obtain notably different sounds:

Rubber support with two lengthways lines

  • Offers a velvety sound (mellow).

Metal support with two lengthways lines

  • Brighter sound.
  • Freer expression, the ideal option for modern music or jazz saxophone.

Four-pointed metal support

  • Rounder, broader sound (increased chamber).
  • Perfect for classical music and the clarinet, enhancing its qualities.

This combination means you can juggle with the different pitches available on mouthpieces and reeds. The ring is absolutely versatile, the same part being suitable for any member of the saxophone or clarinet family.

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