Denis Wick Model DW4881-5 Classic 5 Cornet Mouthpiece in Gold Plate BRAND NEW

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This mouthpiece is in superb condition and is ready to play!

The Classic mouthpiece is the original design. This gives clarity, precision, and a very easily controlled, centred sound. It adds more brilliance and richer upper overtones than the convex outer profiles of other designs. The Classic design is very responsive and easy to play. It has excellent flexibility and a rich tone.

Denis Wick has revolutionized the world of cornet playing and has helped to bring about a real difference between cornet and trumpet sounds. Carefully worked out cups, throats and bores have given todays superbly talented young players opportunities that were simply not available to earlier generations. The richness, sweetness and flexibility of modern cornet playing, so much a characteristic of the best Brass Bands, are attributable to the careful research which Denis Wick has done in cornet mouthpiece design.

Denis Wick offers silver-plated and gold-plated mouthpieces. Silver plating is widely used among brass players because of its bite (the tendency of the mouthpiece to stay in one place on the embouchure) and its brilliant, projecting tone. Gold plated mouthpieces are preferred by musicians that favor a softer feel, darker tone and better response.

  • Diameter: 26.59 mm
  • Cup Diameter: 16.00 mm
  • Rim Width: 5.30 mm
  • Bore Size: 4.45 mm
  • Back Bore: Open
  • Deep cup. Scaled down version of No. 4.

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