What's on My Bench? 1921 Conn 20A Flugelhorn

Today’s feature is a real gem - a gold plated, presentation engraved Conn 20A!

I actually finished up this little guy last week, but had to make sure I posted about it! It took me a bit to figure out what it was because I had never seen one in person, and its tiny size fooled me at first. As you can see in the photo, it’s about the same size as a cornet! The biggest differences are the tunable mouthpipe and larger bell throat.

It takes a cornet shank mouthpiece, and though the included mouthpiece is long shank, it plays best with a short shank cornet mouthpiece.

I did some rather extensive bell work, but managed to take care of it with no damage to the beautiful engraving.

Don’t expect this horn to play like a modern flugel, but it is a gorgeous example of a fairly rare horn in good solid shape. Watch for it in our listings!

Wishing you beautiful projects!