What's on My Bench? 1970 Schilke B1

Happy Friday, and welcome to “What’s on my bench?”!!!

One of the things I love be about my job is getting to work on horns like this one!! This particular trumpet is a Schilke B1, serial puts it at 1970.  Though all Schilkes are great to play, the B1 is one of the most versatile of the Schilke models. You can take this horn into just about any playing situation and sound appropriate, as long as you have the playing skills to do so!

This horn is in really fabulous shape for its age - it has obviously been very well cared for, and aside from a little hand wear and evidence of previous repair, the factory gold plate still looks gorgeous! It comes with both braced and unbraced tuning slides shown here, as well as a set of aftermarket heavy bottom caps that look to be either Pickett or Curry. I’m about to get it together and play test - best part of my day!!

Wishing you a weekend full of musical joy!



I Have A Schilke trumpet Model B1L Serial Number 9101. Horn is in excellent condition. Does anyone know they current value of my horn?

Phil Lopez March 22, 2019

Ooh looks nice!

Larry Shone January 07, 2019

I LOVE the B1 from the 70s. Soooo easy to play. Thanks for sharing!

JP Morgan January 07, 2019

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