Case treasure!

This is a name plate and member card found in the case of a Holton 'Rudy Wiedoeft' alto saxophone.

Ariel Mattioda was a saxophonist who was a member of the American Federation for Musicians (AFM) back in 1943. AFM is a union for professional musicians from Canada and The United States that was founded in 1896 and still stands today. 

The instrument itself is in original gold plate. Rudy Wiedoeft was a virtuoso saxophonist of the era who was well known for his rapid articulations and playing style, and this is his signature model alto saxophone by Holton. A fine vintage instrument, this particular one still bears about 90% of its original gold plate. It has had a complete repad, new neck cork, a bell alignment and is ready to play. 


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What wonderful history! The horn looks in great shape. Does/did it play decent and in tune?
Back in high school our instructor would call our sax section the dreaded Rudy whenever we’d be less than perfect. Brought back some fond memories of the 70’s.

Guthrie David January 12, 2023

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