Things We Find in Cases: Musical Memories

In this particular instance there is no case for the instrument, but this horn came with something very sweet.

This is a Martin flugelhorn from 1919, and it is in quite good shape for its age! It has lovely engraving, including USMC, showing that it was originally a U S Marine Corps horn. As a retired Navy musician, I have a lot of Marine musician friends - they do some fabulous work, and it was fun when we got to work together.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how this horn plays because it’s missing its main tuning slide, but we do have a lot of information about the previous owner and his career in music. It came with a wonderful letter from his widow detailing his career, and we will send that with it to the next owner.

This Martin will be listed soon in our As-Is Garage sale, so you won’t see it on my bench, but it is all ready to be your next project!

Wishing you lots of wonderful musical memories!