What’s on Amanda’s Bench? A 1948 Olds Super Recording Trumpet!

Today’s horn is a fun one for all you trumpet friends! Who doesn’t love an Olds, especially a Super Recording? This one is from a great time period, and though it does show its age, it is still in very playable condition.

It was very satisfying to get this one playing again, as it had obviously been stuck and dirty for a very long time. While I spent some serious time freeing slides, I had very little dent work to do, as it had at least not been abused in its previous life.

Now it’s all ready to be loved in a new home, and play some new gigs with you! Love it as is, or restore it - it is complete and a great candidate for restoration. It even comes with some super cool vintage stickers on the case!

Look for this one in our listings soon - these never hang around for very long!

Wishing you some fun vintage vibes!