What's on TJ's Bench? A Willson Model 2950TA Professional Compensating Euphonium

Here we have a lovely silver visitor from Switzerland, a Willson euphonium!
Willson makes some of the best euphoniums in the world. We gave it a good clean, wet and dry silver polish, and some new corks and felt. After a little minor dent work, this horn is playing beautifully. Fun fact: most Willson models USUALLY require a "Euro shank" mouthpiece, but this particular model does not! However, this is the project that taught me what a "Euro shank" actually is! Otherwise known as a European taper, or medium shank- it's basically in between typical small or large bore mouthpieces. This one takes a large bore, like many other professional models.
Look for it in our listings, this horn won't last long!