What’s on Amanda’s Bench? A Conn Eb Soprano Flugelhorn!

I sure have something special for you brass fans this time! This is the first one of these babies I’ve ever had in my hands, and the oldest horn to cross my bench so far. Serial dates this little guy at 1890, and it really is in fantastic shape for its age.

I have included before and after photos since its transformation was rather wonderful, but it really didn’t need much more than a clean, polish, and minor dent work to bring it back into playing condition.

It certainly does play well, too, and definitely feels like a flugel and not like an Eb cornet or trumpet. Its included original mouthpiece is a bit larger than normal for the time period and deeper like a flugel mouthpiece should be. It gets a great flugel sound, just in a higher key than we are all used to, and is super fun to play. I would be tempted to buy it myself if I could figure out what situation I could play it in!

From what I’ve been able to figure out, this is a New York Wonder model, but I have not been able to find photos of any others.

If you have more info please share! It comes with original mouthpiece and an appropriate case in great condition. Check for it in our listings soon!

Wishing you some fun unicorns in your day!