Things We Find in Cases: A King Brass Care Guide from 1965

One of my favorite things to find in a case are vintage care guides and warranty cards, and a recent King 2B Silversonic I worked on came with both! The horn itself is awesome too, but since you'll be able to see that in our listings later on, I figured this time I would share all the fun stuff from the case. I absolutely love the illustrations in this care guide - especially that the trumpet has a 40’s King liberty style brace.


Most of the information is still relevant as well, with the exception of the products. I also hope everyone loves their new trumpet as much as the little guy on the cover!


In the future we hope to post some scans of these care guides and such on our website for reference purposes, and I have saved a scan of this one just for that.

Wishing you some vintage fun in your day!