What’s on Amanda’s Bench? A Trio of Bb Herald Trumpets

Long ago, herald trumpets were used to signal news and new arrivals to the castle. It is said that the wealth of a castle was demonstrated by the number of herald trumpeters. Those days are gone, but there is still a use for herald trumpets for some of today’s gigs. You’ll see them at racetracks, certain orchestral pieces, and at Medieval Times or similar events. Whether you’ve just always wanted one or have an occasional need for one, we’ve got you covered! All three you see here will be available for purchase.

I just finished the silver one you see below - it’s a Boosey & Hawkes Imperial from 1981, and though not super gig-worthy, it is a fun player. It features a removable bell with a traditional main tuning slide, and is the heaviest of the three, especially the bell. This means that if you attach a flag, it’s MUCH more weight at the bell than normal! It plays well, though intonation takes a bit more effort than the other three. It does not include a case, so you might need to search for something appropriate. If you’ve always wanted one but won’t need it for regular use, this might be a good horn for you!

The second herald trumpet that I finished recently, that's actually a really nice player, is the LA Benge from early-mid 1980s. It, too, has a removable bell, but this one tunes at the bell instead of a main tuning slide. The Benge came to us in a very degraded anvil case - all the padding had broken down and stuck to the horn, and it was a lot of effort to clean out! It’s playing great now, but there is lacquer damage due to the padding that was stuck to the horn. Play it as is or have it re-lacquered, either way will serve you well. This one will list when I finish the case interior, and will come with its anvil case.

The third horn is a Yamaha YTR-6330FF that we currently have listed. It’s a perfect choice for the player that either uses a herald regularly or needs one that is super easy to play and dependable for gigs. It really plays like a regular Bb, with great intonation and wonderful Yamaha valves. It’s quite lightweight and includes a very manageable hard case that is equivalent in size to a bass clarinet case, only much lighter. It has a fixed bell and tunes at the main tuning slide.

These horns are all super fun, clean, and ready to go! As always, check our listings or message or call for more info.

Wishing you some Happy Heralding in your day!

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