What’s on Amanda’s Bench? Reunion Blues Triple Trumpet Bags

Hey, Trumpet Friends!

While technically not on my bench, I had to show you all how awesome these bags are. We happened upon a bunch of Reunion Blues bags recently, and have been super excited about how nice they are!

They are all new old stock, which means that they are all brand new and never used, but have been stashed away in a warehouse for some time and never sold. These bags haven’t been made for a few years, so getting them in new condition is pretty awesome! I even bought a couple for myself while I had the chance, and you can see mine here set up with Bb, picc, and large flugel with no problem at all. The second one you can see set up with Bb, cornet, and mutes, just to show you how versatile these bags are!

They are just the perfect case for when you need something lightweight, like having to walk to a gig, or for folks who can’t carry a heavy, hard case. They provide a lot of room for accessories in the outer pockets, so you can get to your gig with one bag! Grab yours while you can because they won’t last long. We have bags available for a variety of wind and string instruments, so find yours in our listings today.

*Horns not included, especially mine 😝, but we can certainly help you in that department, too.*

Wishing you some stylish packing for your gigs!