What’s on Amanda’s Bench? A Mt. Vernon Bach Tuba Mouthpiece Blank!

Wow, brass fans, I have a super cool thing for you this time! We recently bought a large estate of bass trombones that included a whole bunch of awesome, high-end mouthpieces. One of the boxes included this amazing blank.

Back in the day, this would have been machined into a usable mouthpiece, but this one apparently never got finished. Instead, it’s the coolest historical paperweight I’ve ever seen! Keep it on your desk or shelf and get ready for the conversations to start. It weighs 1lb, so it will hold down your stacks of paperwork no problem!  This cool thing will be available for purchase in our next mouthpiece sale, along with hundreds of great used mouthpieces. Until then, watch for some awesome custom bass trombones in our listings!

Wishing you some fun bits of history in your day!

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With my limited knowledge of metalwork, this might explain a few things. As the bach is machined, not extruded, that allows for (a) heavy and (b) you can tap, bang, and test as you go through the milling.

Lance Gold August 17, 2021

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