What’s on My Bench? A 1904 Conn Connquerer Cornet!

Hey, Brass fans, here’s something extra awesome for you today! Why post this one, you ask? Well, it’s over 100 years old but not super rare, so that’s not it... Is it extra pretty? It did turn out nicely, but it’s not that, either... 
Does it play extra nice? Well, the pistons are a little too worn to be an exceptional player, so that’s not the reason, either!
What makes it so special, then? It has its original lease/sale paperwork from 1905!!!
Paperwork matches the serial number, we can see the original owner and where he was from! You don’t often get that with ANY used horn, let alone one this old, so it’s definitely a very cool thing! I guess I could have used this as a “Things We Find in Cases” post, but I know some of you love getting a look at these pictures of old horns so I have included photos of everything.

This horn would be super fun for any collectors out there - maybe even a member of the original owner’s family! Check our listings to own an affordable piece of history.

Wishing you amazing finds in your day!
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