What’s on My Bench? A 1956 Martin Committee Deluxe!

Wow, do we have something exciting for the Martin Trumpet fans out there this time! This trumpet is something special, and thankfully, it has been treated well during its life. Check out the gorgeous gold plate and amazing engraving!
This horn came to us in near perfect condition - I gave it a good clean, took out a couple of tiny dents in the bell tail, and replaced felts and corks. The original gold plate is 99% intact with just a small spot of hand wear at the 1st valve casing, and engraving is beautifully sharp! Pistons are in great shape, and though compression isn’t perfect, it is quite good and still very usable as a daily player oiled up with Berp #2. If you’ve always wanted a truly beautiful Martin Committee and like a medium bore, this is your horn! It also comes with the original gold plated mouthpiece and case in near perfect condition. Check for it in our listings - it won’t be available for long!
Wishing you some rare and beautiful things in your day!