What’s on My Bench? A 1947 Sterling Bell Reynolds Trumpet!

Hey, brass fans! I recently finished this fantastic horn, and thought you all might like to see some before and after photos.

This is the third of this model that I’ve had cross my bench, and they are just as fun to play as they are to look at - so much, in fact, that I ended up buying one of them myself during my first couple of weeks of working at the Igloo. I’ll include some twinsies photos with mine, but mine is not for sale!

As you can see from the photos, this horn came to us in pretty rough condition. It got played a lot and put away very dirty, and just about every part was stuck and took some time to free before I could clean. Thankfully it was in good condition other than that.

Compression is good with Berp #1, and it’s a very good player. I removed two very small bell pings, but this horn has had no major damage and is still nice and straight. It has some lacquer wear and faded gold plate in the engraving and bell, but engraving is still beautifully sharp and has never been buffed or damaged. It’s missing its third valve ring, but includes the super cool original croc patterned case!

These horns play very modern, so if you like a medium bore, this one could still be a good daily player. Mine has performed well in modern big band setting with no issues blending. Look for it in our listings soon!

Wishing you some beautiful transformations in your day!

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