What’s on My Bench? A Burbank Benge C Trumpet!

Lately I’ve been spending most of my time going through new stock, so what a pleasure it was to work on this baby! All this horn needed to be ready to play was a clean and some minor dent work.

Sometimes these older C trumpets are not great players, especially if they have significant wear. This one, while the pistons are worn, still plays extremely well! It’s actually a really fabulous player - great intonation, beautiful sound, and plays very easily throughout the entire range with no weird spots. It has a much lighter sound with a bit more sparkle to it than most current C trumpets so it may not be the sound concept currently in demand by orchestras, but what a gorgeous solo or chamber instrument it could be! It would be a great choice for any player looking for a livelier sound and an easy player.

Lacquer may not be original but it is older, horn is still quite structurally sound with no cracks. Serial dates it at 1963. Check for it in our listings soon!

Wishing you some beautiful playing in your day!

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