What’s on My Bench? A 1976 Schilke B3!

Welcome back to my home bench, where I had the pleasure of working on this little beauty! This horn came to us with some bell damage, but other than that all it needed was a clean and polish. The bell is nice and straight now, and though it does show signs of repair, it’s in excellent playing condition! Compression is good with Berp #2 oil, and it really is a fantastic player. Though it is a large bore and a free-blowing horn, thanks to Schilke’s step bore it doesn’t feel like a typical large bore horn. With a heavy all around mouthpiece it’s got a big, centered sound but is still quite agile for classical playing. With a smaller lead mouthpiece, it’s a beast that the rips through commercial lead playing with ease! It’s a great all-around horn that it’s lucky new owner will have a lot of fun with. Check our listings soon to make it your own!

Wishing you fast attacks and clean passages!

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My horn needs a good cleaning and polishing.
Where can I send it ?

Sebastian Papa August 06, 2020

Do you have any trumpets available?

Beverly A Nicholas August 06, 2020

Is a B3 a step bore?

Don Shade August 06, 2020

How much and did Wally play it?

Terry Williams August 06, 2020

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