What’s on My Bench? A 1957 Holton Bass Trumpet!

Wow, I’ve had some cool stuff lately, and this one was a whole lot of fun! This one has had some work done in the past, but it’s in pretty nice shape overall. It’s mostly raw brass at this point in its life, so I left as much patina as I could. That red brass bell is a beauty! It needed a good solid clean, and new felts and corks, but other than that not much. It had a replacement water key that was a bad fit causing leaks, but I found an age appropriate one that was a better match. It was a smelly job, but now it’s clean and ready to go!


Play testing was fun on this horn - normally bass trumpets are a bit difficult for me to center on, but this one was easier than most. Nothing like a fun giant trumpet to make your day! Look for it in our listings soon.

Wishing you some giant trumpet sounds!