What’s on My Bench? A 1948 Bach 42 Trumpet!

Yes, brass fans - you read that correctly - a 42 bell trumpet! You can check out the original specs of the horn on the photo of the shop card, too!

This horn is almost all original, with roughly 70% of its lacquer remaining, and has seen very little trauma in its long life. The leadpipe has been replaced with a copper one and the 2nd valve slide pull knob is missing, but it’s nice and straight and shows very little evidence of repair otherwise. It even comes with the original case! Unfortunately we don’t have the original shop card to send with it, so the photo will have to do.

Compression on this horn is not perfect, but it is still very playable oiled up with Berp #3. It’s quite the player, too! Beautiful, resonant, and easy to control. I could easily gig on this horn tomorrow! Alas, I only gig on modern horns (easier to replace!), so this baby will be listed and available for sale soon. If you’re a fan of vintage Bachs, it might be just what you’re looking for! Watch for it in our listings soon.

Wishing you some vintage happiness in your day!



That photo came from the previous owner, but you can contact Conn-Selmer for that information. It may take them a while to get back to you, but they have the complete archives.

Amanda Marquis September 24, 2019

Amanda. Can you please tell who to contact to get a copy of the shop card. I have a 1932 Bach Strad with a Mercedes bell, or a Mercedes bell with a Strad body. I am dying to know what was going on in the shop when they put this trumpet together. Please let me know. Thank you. Dan

Dan Driskell September 24, 2019

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