What’s on My Bench? An Awesome Edwards Trombone!

There have been lots and lots of horns across my bench lately, but I thought I’d take a few moments to show you this one - an Edwards trombone with Thayer valve and TB-C slide.

This is a very nice professional instrument, and the previous owner cared for it as it only had one small dent. It was, however, pretty full of calcification and had a few stuck parts due to not having a regular chem clean. While a regular home clean will take care of a lot of the yuck we blow into our horns, a professional chem clean will loosen up all the debris that has hardened into a green calcification that can’t be cleaned up with soap and water alone. I’ve included a before picture of the mouth pipe, which was really stuck and required a lot of heat and tapping to remove! Turning those threads once in a while will go a long way towards saving some money on a future repair bill, and regular cleaning will help protect your investment in an expensive instrument!

If you’ve never seen a Thayer valve taken apart here’s your chance - lots of players have no idea what their rotors look like on the inside because they have no idea how to take them apart and maintenance them, which is why a yearly chem clean is so important for any brass instrument with rotors.

Now that this trombone has had its cleaning, it’s all ready for you to enjoy! Just make sure you continue the regular maintenance and it will perform well for many years of gigs.

Wishing you clean and happy horns!